Cracks in gunite or shotcrete swimming pools are more common than you would think.

They may occur as a result of shifting in the earth surrounding the pool. There are many methods that are practiced in order to repair swimming pool cracks but only a few that are long term.

In order for a crack to have a long term solution it must be durable and flexible. Epoxies and hydraulic cements are good short term fixes but if the crack shifts (which most cracks will) the seal will break because these materials will not flex and continue to leak again.

Our method consists of using a low pressure hydrophobic foam injection. Hydrophobic foam is very durable, flexible, and will travel through out the pool crack. It will also stabilize and back fill when it flows all the way to the backside of the crack or around skimmer voids, once it finishes traveling it will expand and seal.

This will provide a water tight stop for you swimming pool crack and provide you with a long term solution.

We provide swimming pool crack repair to Charlotte and the surrounding areas including Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Waxhaw, Weddington, & the upper South Carolina areas.

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